Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kensington unveils Battery Pack and Charger for iPhone / iPod

Sure, there are already a handful of options out there for extending the life of your iPhone / iPod battery, but since when have we been ones to gripe about a little competition? Kensington has just introduced a standard and miniature version of its Battery Pack and Charger for iPhone / iPod, which unsurprisingly provides juice to your device's internal battery and can be recharged simultaneously. As you could likely guess, the only differences between the two contraptions are the size, price and battery life; the 0.22-pound standard model extends play time to up to 100 hours (music) / 6 hours (talk), while the even tinier mini version livens things up for another 30 hours (music) / 3 hours (talk). Each is available now for $69.99 / $49.99.

How to Do a Fake iPhone 2 In Five Easy Steps

A Quick and dirty tutorial to create your very own fake version of the Iphone 2
It's Do your Fake iPhone 2 Leaked Photos Season, and everyone is trying to trick everyone else with crappy, noisy, allegedly-leaked images. But why read about stupid rumors when you can make your own—and even send them to our contest? "How" you ask? Easy, just follow the easy 5-step tutorial after the jump, and get some inspiration from some examples I've made just for you (warning, my dog's genitals may be NSFW in the Great State of Minnesota).

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Over/under on Apple’s ‘day and date’ iTunes movie scheme being a success?

What starts as a weird love letter to Apple ends as a keen examination of its chances of success in the one place it still hasn’t conquered: your living room. A rather long piece in today’s Times looks at whether or not Apple’e latest scheme to release movies on the same day and date as their DVD release will have any sort of specific effect on sales of Apple TV, and any general effect on Apple’s performance in the living room.

Unlike when iTunes was still shiny and new (and, essentially, the only place to go for legal music downloads), Apple doesn’t have a stranglehold on the legal movie download business. You’ve got Amazon Unbox, Xbox Live Marketplace, and any number of other solutions. Apple can’t throw its weight around like it used to, as it did when it gifted us 99 cent music singles.

Not being a movie fan, I personally couldn’t give a toss what happens in this space, but I look forward to seeing if Apple can co-opt another industry, forcing it to bend to its will.

via CrunchGear

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I’m sure Steve really appreciates the iMac picture in this review…

Check out the picture PC Magazine used in their review of the all new iMac. Who said PC users don’t have a sense of humor?

Leaked AT&T memo points to 3G iPhone release in late June?

A friendly neighborhood AT&T employee forwarded us a purported memo for AT&T retail store employees that could provide a rather telling clue about the next-gen iPhone's release date this summer if it proves true. A similar memo went out last year around this time requesting that employees not take any vacations between June 15 and July 15, and this year those dates are June 15 and July 12 -- which seems suspiciously early, but that's what the man says. The memo cites "an exciting Summer Promotional Launch," which we're guessing doesn't refer to some new Motorola flip phone. Also telling is the fact that employees might be able to take some vacations later within that window when things die down a bit, which seems to imply that Apple could be aiming for a launch date right around the iPhone's one year anniversary of June 29th. How romantic.

Oops... Apple: Lying liars or people who lie?

This is the after shot…

iTunes Turns Five is a special iTunes section dedicated to celebrating the fifth birthday of iTunes. Fair enough. We had a Thomas the Tank Engine cake for my son, they have a web page. Well, it seems they first time they posted the page it said they had 10 million songs available on iTunes and a few days later changed that to 6 million. Was it a typo? Were they counting podcasts? Did they secretly add and pull the entire Beatles catalog without telling us?

I’m going to say that a designer and marketers screwed up and they fixed it on the sly, but maybe they are just absolute mendicants not worthy of our respect. You decide.

Vodafone releasing iPhone in Australia, Italy, India, and seven other countries

Vodafone's just got a tiny, minor, insignificant announcement to make this morning: it's signed with Apple to sell the iPhone in ten markets, including Australia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy (so much for Telecom Italia), India, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa and Turkey. Expect the phone later this year -- that's all we know for now. Score one (or ten?) for Voda.

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